The Bridge

Argentina / Corrientes / 2000 / 48 min / Documentary / Original DV format


The Correntinazo, testimony from the first self-organized social movement in Argentina.


17 December, 1999, Corrientes, Argentina. A large number of self-organized protestors put up a road block on the General Belgrano Bridge after almost a year of marches, roadblocks and demands for payment of overdue wages. Ten days into the new national administration led by Fernando De La Rua, the people of Corrientes are violently repressed. On almost the same day two years later, on the historic dates of 19 and 20 December, 2001, the self-organized people begin the Popular Rebellion that brings down the National Government.

The Bridge is thus a reflection on the middle classes, a look at an old country on the brink of collapse and the new one that was emerging; a country of resistance.

Independently produced documentary.


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  • Executive Producer, Screenwriter and Director: Myriam Angueira
  • Camerawork and Photography: Leandro Irurzum
  • Sound Design: Hernán Gerard
  • Production: Andrea Gómez
  • Editing: Myriam Angueira and Nahuel Sherma
  • Assistant Director: Roberto Benemio y Dina Lafont
  • Original Music: Ulises Contis
  • Contributors: Leandra Stivanello, Omar Neri, Martín Maldez
  • Graphic Design: Juan Llamosas

Archives: Canal 7, Ojo Obrero, Boedo Films, Cine Insurgente, Mónica Colunga, Rojas Mafei


In Buenos Aires: David Blaustein , Humberto Rios, Escuela de Cine de Avellaneda, Virginia Croatto, Claudio Remedi, Grupo Boedo Films, Fernando Krichman, Nahuel Sherma, Omar Neri, Fabian Pierucci, and Juan Llamosas.

In Corrientes: Hilda Presman, Comisión Provincial de Derechos Humanos, CTA / ATE de Corrientes, El Cometa Empresa de Transportes, El Ateneo de San Luis del Palmar, Mónica Colunga, and Rojas Mafei.

The Bridge

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Argentina
  • Year: 2000
  • Original Format: MiniDV
  • Duration: 48 minutes.
  • Projection Medium: Betacam sp / MiniDV / DVD
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Available versions: Spanish / English

The Bridge forms part of the audiovisual archive to mark 30 Years of Democracy run by the Ministry of Education of Argentina.

Awards and Festivals

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First Prize for Best Documentary on Human Rights, Latin American Video Festival, Rosario, Argentina, 2002.

IV BAFICI (International Festival of Independent Cinema of Buenos Aires). Documentary and Counter-information Exhibition, Argentina, 2002.

National Exhibition of Documentaries and Social and Anthropological Cinema and Video, La Plata, Argentina, 2002.

Montevideo Winter Festival “Exhibition of Protest Film” Cinemateca Uruguaya, Uruguay, 2002.

International Festival of the Three Continents, Argentina, 2002.

International Festival of Human Rights Film and Video, Derhumalc ( Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean), (IMD) 2002.

Special Projection at the MALBA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Documentary Exhibition ‘Images of Resistance’ Organized by M.A.R (Argentina Resiste Movement of Intellectuals and Artists), Buenos Aires, 2002.

Special Projection of Argentine Social Documentary, Peace Boat Japan, 2003.

Latin American Film Festival, Toulouse. Retrospective Exhibition of Argentine Documentaries, France, 2003.

DocHouse Special Exhibition, Amnesty International, London, UK, 2003.

Special Projection of Argentine Documentary, Otawa, Canada, 2003.

Visions Du Reel International Film Festival, Argentina Special Section, Nyon, Switzerland, 2003.


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