Argentina / Chubut / 2014 / 62 min / Documentary / Original HD Format


Fill wenu mapu trenko llawi / The universe flows in a circle.

Myriam Angueira’s Newen
by Fernando Birri

Newen, a documentary by Myriam Angueira and her team, possesses a vital energy. The title, an ancient Mapuche word, is both intimate and epic, something whispered, an enigmatic conception of the universe from the end of the world (in both geographic and historical terms), a secret code of mists, landscapes and wise old women, people who merge together in a collage that slowly but surely combines the past, present and future.

Its make-up is like that of a solemn wanderer, its daimon is a foggy, rainy, celestial cantata, translating what we know as cinema into another, very Latin American form. It is a sister-project to poems such as Neruda’s Canto General (General Song), or Galeano’s Memoria del Fuego (Memory of Fire).

This exemplary work represents the culmination of many years’ careful sowing and cultivation. Within it, image and reality, passion and intelligence, the project and the future all combine. As Bola de Nieve sang ‘conscience and heart’ become one and throb with the memory of our America.

Rome, 5 September 2016.


On a journey through Patagonia I look for traces of the repressed identity of my Mapuche grandmother, meeting kimches (old wise women) who know how to pass ancestral knowledge on through the newen (living energy), transforming words into seeds for new generations. As I listen to them, I recover part of an identity that was also denied me. Fill wenu mapu trenko llawi: the universe flows in a circle.


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  • Director: Myriam Angueira
  • Cinematography: Alejandra Casal, Omar Neri
  • Sound: Hernán Gerard
  • Production Team: Roberto Benemio, Patricia Lauquen
  • Executive Producer: Myriam Angueira
  • Photography: Hernán Gerard
  • Special Contributions: Alejandro Arca, Francisca Cabral
  • Post-production images: Pablo Noé
  • Original Music: Mosk
  • Script and Editing: Myriam Angueira, Omar Neri


  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Argentina
  • Production Year: 2014
  • Filmed in: Chubut province
  • Original Format: HD
  • Duration: 62 minutes
  • rojection Medium: DCP / Blu Ray /DVD
  • ound: Stereo
  • riginal language: Spanish
  • Available versions: Spanish / English / French / German / Portuguese
  • Commercial Release: 8 September 2016 / Cine Gaumont / Espacio INCAA /Argentina

Awards and Festivals

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Winning documentary in the INCAA Digital Feature Documentary Competition.

Moisés Huentelaf Prize for Ethnographic Documentary at the Global Indigenous Peoples Film Festival, Valparaíso, Chile, 2015.

Prize for Best Mapuche Documentary - International Mapuche and Abya yala Cinema and Film Festival. Temuco, Chile, 2016.

DOCA, Documentary Makers of Argentina, Annual Exhibition of Documentaries, 2014.

DerHumALC International Festival of Human Rights Cinema (IMD). Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015.

Global Indigenous Peoples Film Festival, Chile, 2015.

Exhibition of Cinema by Indigenous Peoples, Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación. Salta, Argentina, 2015.

Opening film of the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival, San Carlos de Bariloche. Río Negro, Argentina 2015.

ATLANTIDOC, Uruguay International Festival of Documentary Cinema, 2015.

Official Selection of the 3rd International Exhibition of Indigenous Cinema, Venezuela, 2016.

Real Images Argentine Documentary Cycle. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2016.

International Festival of Rain Cinema. Villa La Angostura, Argentina 2017.

BioBio International Film Festival. Chile, 2017.


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