Twenty-Five Years of Silence

Argentina / Chubut / 2008 / 80 min / Documentary / Original DV format


A group of conscripted soldiers from Schools 62 and 63 in Chubut Province, Patagonia, Argentina, decides to finally speak out. It wasn’t easy for them to express their pain and tell the truth about the war. Malvinas, Twenty-Five Years of Silence. Reflection and testimony to enhance our collective memory.


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  • Executive Producer and Director: Myriam Angueira
  • Camerawork and Photography: Julián Galvez
  • Production: Roberto Benemio
  • Original Music: María E. Pérez Cassinelli
  • Musicians: Guitar Sergio Ruiz, Wind and Percussion Teresa Virasoro
  • Recording Technician: Axel Wainschtein
  • Contributors: Emanuel Pascual, Marcelo Galvez and Leonardo De Bella
  • Script and Editing: Myriam Angueira and Omar Neri

Acknowledgements: To all the family members and former combatants of the CVGs (Veterans of War Centre) of Rawson and Esquel who trusted us to make this film.

This film is dedicated to the memory of Sergio Romero.

This film was made with the support of:

  • The Ministry of Culture of the Province of Chubut.
  • Honourable Governing Council of Chubut.
  • Biblioteca Popular Soldado Caído Simón Antieco.
  • Esquel Veterans of War Centre.
  • Rawson Veterans of War Centre.
  • Chubut province, República Argentina.

Malvinas, Twenty-Five Years of Silence

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Argentina
  • Year: 2008
  • Original Format: HDV Cam
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Projection medium: Betacam sp / HDV Cam / DVD
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Available versions: Spanish
  • Commercial release: 7 August 2008 / Complejo Tita Merello / Espacio INCAA / Argentina

Acknowledgements to the NGO Peace Boat from Japan for the trip to the Islas Malvinas in March 2008 and especially to: Nakamura Kohuan san, Hiroaki Idaka san, Kamata Satoshi san, Tetsuo Maeda san, Emilie McGlone, and Rose Welsch.

Malvinas, Twenty-Five Years of Silence is part of the Open Action Memory Archive Catalogue Coordinated by Argentine Human Rights Organizations.

Film purchased in 2012 by:

  • ENCUENTRO, Educational television channel run by the Ministry of Education of Argentina.
  • INCAA TV, Channel run by the National Institute of Cinema and the Audiovisual Arts of Argentina.