Argentina / Chubut / 2011 / 64 min / Documentary / Original HD format


During a period known as the Conquest of the Desert, a group of Patagonian caciques led a major campaign to resist the advance of the huinca (white man). Among their number was Cacique Inacayal, who switched from being a “brave and loyal Indian” to a rebel leader.


This documentary tells the tale of Cacique Modesto Inacayal, a huiliche warrior and repressed hero of Patagonia who ended his days in the Museo de la Plata, where he was taken along with his entire family. His remains were returned to the Tecka Valley in 1994, but in 2006 a group of university researchers discovered that some belonging to him and his family are still in the museum.

Through the voices of the descendants of the Tehuelche Mapuche Communities in Chubut and the thoughts of notable intellectuals and researchers (such as Osvaldo Bayer, Walter Delrio, Marcelo Valko and the GUIAS - Higher Academic Social Anthropology Research Group - Collective), this film seeks to throw light on a story that has been erased from official narratives.

Inacayal, Inacayal, a film that explores our identity.


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  • General Producer and Director: Myriam Angueira, Guillermo Glass
  • Executive Producer for INCAA and Content: Myriam Angueira
  • Direction of Camerawork and Photography: Guillermo Glass
  • Research: Leonardo De Bella and Myriam Angueira
  • Production Director: Roberto Benemio
  • Camerawork and Photography: Guillermo Glass, Ernesto Sadmajian and Camilo Jose Gómez
  • Aerial Camera: Christian Holler
  • Sound Design: Hernán Gerard
  • Assistant: Mark Dickinson
  • Animation Design: Julian Llamosas
  • Historical Consultant: Leonardo De Bella
  • Original Music: Roberto Benemio
  • Script and Editing: Omar Neri and Myriam Angueira

Special Contributions: Liliana Belforte, Alejandro Fella, Paulo Campano, Juan Llamosas, Raúl Colinecul (Rawson), Patricia Lauquen (Esquel), Mario Varela (Bariloche), Hugo Abraham (Trelew), Jeremy Houadec (France), and Nakamura Kohuan san (Japan).

Contributors to the Filming of the Restitution in 2014: Hernán Gerard and Omar Neri (in La Plata, Buenos Aires); Myriam Angueria, Guillermo Glass, Alejandro Arca and Leonardo De Bella (in Tecka, Chubut).

INCAA Authorities (National Institute of Cinema and the Audiovisual Arts): President Liliana Mazure. Bicentennial “The Path of Heroes” National Documentary Telefilms Competition. General Coordinator: Rodolfo Hermida. Technical Coordinator: Roxana Meygide and Consuelo Giribone.

Filmed in Tecka, Esquel, Chubut Province / Bariloche, Río Negro Province / La Plata, Buenos Aires Province / Argentina.


  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Argentina
  • Year: 2011 (expanded in 2014 to document the return of the Cacique’s remains).
  • Original Format: HD
  • Duration: 64 minutes
  • Projection Medium: DCP / Blu Ray /DVD
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Original Language: Spanish
  • Available versions: Spanish / English
  • Commercial Release: 26 September, 2013 / Cine Gaumont / Espacio INCAA / Argentina

Awards and Festivals

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Winner of the Bicentennial “The Path of Heroes” National Documentary Telefilms Competition INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and the Audiovisual Arts), 2010.

Special Mention in the International Mid-length Film Competition, 2nd FICIP (International Festival of Political Cinema). Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012.

First Prize for Best Production about Human Rights.

Special Mention for Best Research. Office of Human Rights Award.

First Prize FEISAL Awards (Federation of Latin American Schools of Image and Sound).

Public Vote, Ministry of Culture and Education Prize, at the 19th FLVR (Latin American Festival of Video and the Audiovisual Arts, Rosario). Argentina, 2012.

Public Vote Award, BAIN (Indigenous Film Festival, Buenos Aires), 2012.

Indigenous Peoples Film Festival, Resistencia. Chaco, Argentina, 2012.

Mosconi and Tartagal Indigenous Peoples Film Festival. Salta, Argentina, 2012.

Indigenous Peoples and Stateless Nations Film Festival. Valparaíso, Chile, 2012.

Santa Fe de Antioquia Film Festival, Medellín. Colombia, 2012.

International Film Exhibition on the Peak, Ciudad Sagrada de Tajin. Veracruz, Mexico, 2013.

International Film Festival, Cuenca. Ecuador, 2013.

Festival Présence autochtone, Montreal. Quebec, Canada, 2013.

LASA 2014, Film Festival University of Richmond, USA.

Cine Memoria, Film Archive Austria. Vienna, Austria, 2016.


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